AI Your Programs Micro Audio Summit™️ is bringing you innovative strategies and tactics that blend AI and ChatGPT into programs, courses, and services to boost profit and create greater client satisfaction.

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List-Building Expert & Creator of the Micro Audio Summit System

Create Speed & Simplicity In Your Programs Using AI

In early 2023, we witnessed - and now have to live with - a massive technology advancement that will forever change how we service our clients.

You'll learn why embracing AI now is the key to creating a faster path to success for your clients. And why adding AI strategically into your programs will dramatically change your bottom-line revenue this year and beyond.

BONUS CASE STUDY: How the Micro Audio Summit System Got 2X Faster with AI

Learn how Wendy helps clients speed up the ideation and planning phase of their Micro Audio Summits. And how she's built AI-Powered Content Generators into her program to help clients with writing emails that drive increased registrations.

KELLEY TENNY, Educator & Curriculum Expert

Accelerate Your Micro-Course Creation With AI

Learn how to leverage the power of AI to create engaging, personalized, and scalable micro-courses. Kelley shares how to create micro-courses using AI tools from creating your outlines, turning blogs into courses, setting course objectives, and structuring your content.

She's a master at helping you accelerate your micro-course creation and amplify your results and impact!

JORDAN GILL, 7-Figure Business Strategist

5 Ways AI Can Deliver On-Demand Support For Your Course Students

DIY courses are harder to sell with information being so easy to find. Profit margins are getting slammed due to increasing costs of client acquisition and team member expenses. OUCH.

But you can solve these problems when you incorporate AI into your client experience!

Learn how building micro app machines inside your course platform to offer on-demand support for course students, and protect your IP in the process.

HERA ZEE, Sales & Messaging Expert

Speed up your Market Research + Create Compelling Content with AI

Does "market research" make you cringe? If you're nodding your head, then listen in!

Learn how to use AI to expedite your research in 2 minutes. And Understand how to write prompts that help you attract your ideal clients and know them better than they know themselves.

JANALI DAVIS, Certified Funnel Pro

Fuel Your Funnel - Harness AI to Cover Ad Costs & Scale Your List

We know that online entrepreneurs who are grinding to grow their businesses are faced with challenge - consistently be growing their list.

Discover a a game-changing solution that leverages AI technology to create personalized offers that not only drive traffic and list growth but also have your ads paying for themselves. Find out how you can advertise, grow your list, and experience remarkable results with this innovative strategy powered by AI.

KASSANDRA KUEHL, Holistic Business Integrator

Tiny Prompts for Big Impact - Build Your own Prompt Garden

Prompt writing is all-the-rage these days. But unless you know how to use AI to your advantage, you'll be down the rabbit-hole, spending endless hours creating extra work for yourself.

Learn how to use the "Seed Sequence" - a four-part AI-driven framework that leverages neuroscience to create effective and emotionally-driven copy that facilitates client transformation quickly and easily.

STEPHANIE DESAULNIERS, Small Business Strategist

Using AI tools to Grow Your Product-Based Business

This is where the rubber meets the road inside your business... And AI can help!

Learn how to use ChatGPT to easily create revenue goals, production schedules, and total inventory needs for product-based businesses. Business owners will then be able to use the output from ChatGPT to create easy to understand graphs in canva or google sheets.



Join us for a summit experience that totally defies the norm!

We promise this IS NOT:

• A "glue-your-eyes-to-the-screen-watching-videos-till-your-eyes-bleed" kind of event.

In fact, there are NO VIDEOS. Just pop in your earbuds, and you're all set!

• One of those summits jam-packed with extra events or wild schedules that'll make you question if you've got the time for all that jazz.

• A promo-heavy, "empty-your-pockets-and-buy-my-stuff" sales-fest masquerading as a learning event. We're here to share strategies and tactics that you can use immediately!

• A ticking time bomb, where you lose access after 48 hours unless you snag that VIP upgrade.

You get to keep access and listen whenever and as many times as you want

What's a Micro Audio Summit?

This is audio-only, interview-based, bite-sized "summit" that you can "binge-listen" to just like a podcast. (Listen in your car, walking the dog, on your spin bike, etc.)

We've carefully chosen a handful of expert speakers who share their specific strategy and tactics on how to shrink your marketing efforts. You won't be left with "information overload" trying to listen dozens of speakers.

And there's nothing to buy. As long as you register (for free) during the registration window, you'll keep you access to the interviews so you can go back to them over and over.

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